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Tropical Travel?

tropical place


Now that summer is ending, and autumn is kicking in, you’re starting to have a sun-withdrawal syndrome. The sun’s just not hot enough, and you can no longer wear your flip-flops or shorts everywhere you go because it’s starting to get colder. Of course, to encounter that, you may have planned to go on tropical travel with all your friends. Escaping to a paradise somewhere in the Pacific Ocean or Southeast Asia. Here are a few tips that you usually miss when you want to have a perfectly stress-free tropical holiday.


Check the season of your travel destination

While places with tropical climate may seem like they are warm all-year-round, however, they all have two seasons: dry and rainy season. Rainy season is the time when you would like to avoid traveling. Your great time at the beach would be ruined by the continuous downpour, and your initial plan to tan or surf would go down to waste. Make sure to double check on your destination’s season before you book your flight and accommodation.


Passport and Visa

Your passport might still be valid, but they might not meet the requirement to be able to enter the countries you’re planning to visit. Your passport has to be valid for at least six months in most of the countries, even then you’re already cutting it too close. It’s best that your passport’s valid more than six months to be entirely safe and avoid a last-minute trip failure.


Another thing that you need to note: do you need to apply for a visa? Instead, can you just have a visa on arrival when you arrive in your destination country? Visa is an extremely integral part of your legal documents when going on a holiday, or else, you might risk of being deported back and refused for entry.


Sunblock, sunscreen, sun sun sun!

Thinking of having a tan and feeling that a sunscreen is not necessary? That’s a big no-no. You shouldn’t dismiss bringing a sunscreen or Aloe Vera gel as part of your travel essentials, because they’re extremely important to protect skin from cancer and sunburn while Tropical Travel. Other options like tanning lotions would also be a great alternative especially for those of you wanting that nice shade of tan.


Insect repellant & over-the-counter medicine

Another essential that a lot of people seem to miss or dismiss as unimportant is your insect repellant and over-the-counter medicine. Many tropical destinations will have a lot of mosquitoes and other insects, so it’s best to avoid any bug-related situation when you’re on your holiday.


You may think that it’s going to be easy buying medicine at your travel destination, or you might not even need them, but the nearest drugstore might be kilometers away when you need it ASAP. It’s best when you already have them prepared in your bag right when you need them.


Nearest American Embassy

You might not know what may occur in your travel, and it’s best that you know the nearest American embassy to your place. Jot down the complete address, phone number, and how to get there on a notepad and tuck it in your bag/wallet. The American embassy will help you in times of need, and they are there to support you as citizens of the US. It’s best to be prepared for the worst, rather than you stressing on where to go in times of crisis.


Waterproof case for your camera and phone

You wouldn’t want to miss your underwater experience or your time at the beach and swimming pools, and waterproofing your camera and your phone would be just the solution for it.  You can share your experience with your friends and families back home by recording it on camera or phone. There are lots of cheap waterproof case nowadays thanks to its popularity, and you can find it easily on online shopping sites like E-Bay or Amazon.


Exchange some of your travel funds to the local currency back at home

It’s best that you transfer some of your money to the local currency at home. Most of the rates on touristy areas on your destination will most probably have a higher currency exchange rate, and you might miss a lot on that. It’s better to do it at home because you know the area well and finding the best place with the best rate would be a piece of cake. Don’t exchange all of them to avoid bringing too much cash on hand. An alternative is to bring your ATM card and use ATMs in your destination and make sure that the bank rates are within your acceptable range.



If you make sure that you do not forget the five things listed above, you should have a stress-free tropical travel. Above all, ensure that your safety is being prioritized – better be safe than sorry.


What do you think of the tips that we often forgot when we travel to a tropical place? Do you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve on your own? Be sure to share yours with us.

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