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How to Travel Cheap: You Can Do It

How to Travel Cheap?

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When we are young, we all have the time and energy to explore the other sides of the world. However, it is not always the case when it comes to finance. Mo to the ney. Many believe that traveling costs a lot of money. Although it is most likely to be true, there are also many ways to make low-cost traveling possible. You read that right. It is possible. As challenging as it can be, there is not any more excuse for you not to travel, especially on a low budget, now.


Traveling is, indeed, a luxury not everyone can afford. However, you don’t have to have rich parents to make it come true, although it must be very convenient if you have ones. That is a whole different thing. Then again, it may look ridiculous for you to search on Google for “how to travel cheap” – well, it is not. All you have to do is to set your priorities and make some efforts to achieve them.


As the latest technology always makes better changes and improvements, you can easily access flight deals and information from any apps and websites through your phone today. With that being said, you can start researching plenty of tricks and preparing for your traveling plan, whatever suits to your wanderlust.


Budget airlines and cheap flight tickets could be a great start on how to travel cheap. When it comes to travel cheaply, first and foremost is save on flights. It is not strange to see the prices of flights (hotels and currency rates as well) keep often changing all the time at short notice. The fares are varied depending on the day, month, and the time you actually travel. Therefore, it is best if you keep on tracking your flights frequently for the best deals. Pro tip: turn on the notification alert that comes in the apps to check the price of the relevant flights. Another pro tip: booking your flights seven weeks in advance works wonders.


Secondly, traveling during the off-season will affect your flight tickets and airfare deals and, eventually, save a lot more money. Traveling any other days than the weekends can also make a huge significance on the price of the flights. On an additional note, you better try to look for the cheapest option by comparing flight prices in one certain month to see the price gaps. If you are okay with your destination and travel dates, as long as they are cheap, this is one way to go. So, do your research!


Last but not least, cheap and on-budget destinations are another great choice. Lonely Planet and many travel guides name several countries for affordable destinations when you are a budget traveler. Here is the list including some countries in Asia and Europe areas:



This country is very popular among travelers and backpackers, in particular. Thailand got so many to offer like its traditional cultures, street foods (you probably know about mango sticky rice), white sand beaches and clear blue seas, exotic places and sceneries, city shopping, as well as its spa and wellness retreats. If you plan to go to Thailand, make sure you check Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Ko Tao out!



How to Travel Cheap in Vietnam? Just like its next-door neighbor, Vietnam is a very cheap and beautiful country all at once, according to Skyscanner. You only spend around $6, and you will get a guesthouse, local food (Pho is their popular dish!), and transportation for a day. This country is also a great living example where the traditional and modern life coexists. Vietnam’s must-visit places include Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hoi An.



India is one of the largest countries in the world with the most populous city that is Delhi. If you are a first-timer to India, this country might seem a pretty intimidating destination. India is very well known for its packed and chaotic streets, amazing architectures, spicy foods, and, of course, Bollywood. Quick tip: sanitary basics and mosquito repellent are your must-haves while you are on a trip to India.



How to Travel Cheap in Greece? If there is the best time to visit Greece, it is probably right now, despite the country’s on-going economic crisis. Why? The costs are currently cheaper than usual which is great when you travel on low budget. Isn’t it just the greatest? Greece is the reason why you should go traveling while you are still alive. This country is filled with picturesque cityscapes and historical sites, like Santorini and the Acropolis. Not only that, Greece offers you the best Mediterranean cuisines to fulfill your stomachs, such as gyro, souvlaki, sfougata, mousakka, spanakopita, and the infamous Greek salad.


Planning an affordable trip could be challenging and take some effort and time. However, one of the best parts of traveling on the cheap is that you will discover different and new experiences than the usual ones. The key is to be smart and opportunist at the same time, if and when you are doing this. As cheesy as it sounds, one should live to the fullest because Y.O.L.O.


Do you have other great tips to add on how to travel cheap? Feel free to comment down below if you have any traveling-related experience that you’d like to share!



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