Numerous Cheapest Ways to Travel to Europe

Cheapest Ways to Travel to Europe?



So you have a limited fund to travel to Europe, and the economy is unsteady, but your travel dreams should not just stop there. You travel dreams are still powerful – for some good reasons. Europe is every piece as magical as ever and just because you have limited fund doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the magical pieces of Europe. What matters is how good you manage your travel spending and how you use those skills to create a better travel.

Just so you know that you can see the Louvre, Pompidou, and Musee d’Orsay in Paris for free, spend the night in the beautiful Bavarian castle for $125 and get complete meals in London for less than $10. Even you can go cruising on the Bosporus in Istanbul for a dollar only! Again if you playing your strategies right and keep looking for alternative ways, it will give you the higher chance to visit almost every place in Europe, amazing right?

Here are numerous tips on Cheapest Ways to Travel to Europe and how to keep your dream trip affordable, no matter where you go or what the exchange rate:

  1. Avoid costly-looking restaurant. Touristy restaurants with “English Speaking Restaurant” signs and multilingual menus are restaurants that you might want to avoid mainly because the prices for the foods are high. Those that are filled with local menus and local people serve good food for less money.


  1. Try to travel off– Why off-season? You will get cheaper airfare, spend a lesser amount of time in queues, find more budget rooms, and meet more locals than tourists. You can pick October to April in Europe for traveling to Europe to avoid bumping into crowds.



  1. Do intensive research for your flight. Do explore from aggregators that can give you a comparison between all possible flights to your desired location. Try to find the lowest fare possible no matter how long the transit takes you. After all, you only want to have your budget pressed as much as it can and get to Europe safe and sound.


  1. Find your cheapest lodging during your visit to Europe. List of less expensive places you might want to swing by; farm stays, cottages, convents, private rooms, campgrounds, villa rentals, castles. Those options are less expensive to spend the night during your trip and besides they are more authentic.


  1. Eat with the “What’s popular right now!” season. You will get more taste for less money throughout Europe by ordering what’s in the season. For example, Germans go all crazy, and hype for the white asparagus and Italians just can’t resist the porcini mushrooms.


  1. Always bring a guidebook along with you. The guidebook will guide you throughout the journey you want to take or places you want to visit. It provides you an explanation about the places, how to get there, and what’s in there (sometimes guidebook shows you how much you need to spend to enter particular places). You don’t want to accidently enter one place you don’t have any knowledge about, and it costs you half of your budget, so get a guidebook!


  1. Tag along your travel partner or loved one. The “I’d rather travel alone because it’s more handy” thought should be deleted from your mind like right now because traveling with partners will help you save the unnecessary spending. Why? With a partner, you can share the bill for your food, your inn for the night, and taxis for example.


  1. Avoid costly travel agent. They most likely charge a fee and generally offer only the highest-priced rooms with no discounts available. Use a guidebook, shop around, interact with locals and go directly for the best accommodations values.


  1. Smartly select your sight-seeing locations. Some of the best things in Europe can be free. London’s top museums such as British Museum and others have required no charge. Madrid’s Museum of the Blind and Paris’s Perfume Museum are free as well. Now you just have to get a list of free sights before you travel and make sure to find some European tourist offices as most of them offer discount passes for public transportation and sightseeing.


  1. Don’t overtip! We get it that even though you want to travel in a very cheapest way possible, you can’t just live the day for not being nice to people. Sometimes you just tip quite high because you have no idea how much it should be. Try asking locals (who are customers) to find out how much is the best tip you could offer.


Carefully spending your budget does not mean sacrificing the quality of your travel. In fact, the less budget you spend, the more you try to merge with the local culture. Staying in an authentic castle or Irish farmhouse, visiting old museums, or dining the two of you for just $2 each person are not just the tricks of the frugal traveler – they are the things dream vacations are based on!


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