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Extreme Sports Travel :



There are so many things to do in New Zealand if you’re craving for an extreme sports travel. New Zealand is not all about the Shire depicted in The Lord of the Rings movies – it’s also a paradise for extreme sports. Best of all, you also get to enjoy a scenic view of its very best nature. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, don’t miss visiting New Zealand and try out these activities.


Extreme bungee jumping

First Extreme Sports Travel is bungee jumping. Home to the world’s highest cliff jump site, New Zealand’s Canyon Swing at Queenstown is perfect for adrenaline-fueled activity. Their Canyon Fox stands at 182m high. Not only that, but New Zealand also offers dozens other bungee jumping sites with a spectacular view and atmospheres such as the Nevis Bungy & Swing, Kawarau Bridge Bungy, The Ledge Bungy & Swing, Shotover Canyon Swing, Auckland Bridge Climb & Bungy, Agroventures Bungy, and Taupo Bungy.


For an exhilarating view, go and have a bungee jump at the Nevis Bungy & Swing, situated amongst the rocky hills on the banks of the Nevis River. It’s the tallest descent across New Zealand, and you get to have more than 8 seconds of freefall combined with 134 meters of vertical line.


Sandboarding Galore

Go for out of the ordinary activity by having a sandboarding experience at Cape Reinga & 90 Mile Beach in New Zealand. Be at one with nature and best of all, you don’t have to use a layer of clothing like you have to when you go snowboarding. Most of all, you will get to enjoy the beauty of New Zealand’s very own sand dunes and beaches.


High-speed luge

Want to have Mario Kart-like experience? You can find one easily in Queenstown and Rotorua, where it is an exhilarating ride where you will always be in control. You can even choose your very own cart and track. Best of all, you get to go and have a go at the Gondola to arrive at the starting point of the luge track.

If you’re a nature lover, the Rotorua Luge is right smack in the middle of New Zealand’s volcanic area and a beautiful lake view. Most of all, the Rotorua Luge has the largest number of tracks and the longest runs amongst all other Luge sites.



Without a doubt, you should not miss a rafting experience when you go and visit New Zealand. It is an adventure of its own, where you can enjoy the thrilling ride on the raft as well as the scenic view of New Zealand’s nature. There are many spots in the Kiwi nation for water rafting such as at the Wairoa, the Shotover, the Mohaka, the Rangitata, and the Rangitikei. Each has its own difficulty level, so it’s best to go and find the ones most suitable for you and your companions.


Jet boating

Experience New Zealand’s river gorges, river banks, and braided rivers beauty through jet boating. Developed in the 1950s by a Kiwi farmer William Hamilton, it has now developed into an adventure activity.

The KJet Queenstown allows you to ride around three waterways: Shotover River, Lake Wakatipu, and Kawarau River. Those of you wanting to experience more action, you can grab a ride on a jet boat at Hukafalls Jet Lake Taupo. Many other scenic places are offering a jet boat ride on Queenstown’s Shotover Jet, Dart River Jet Boat, and at Rotorua.



A ride at waterslides in waterparks are nothing out of the ordinary. Gisborne Rere Rock Slide is a natural waterslide for you to enjoy. Located at the Wharekopae River, the Rere Falls also gives you access to Rere Rock Slide. Best of all, it’s a 60-meter-long natural water slide available for all ages. You can use inflatable mattresses, inner tubes, and boogie boards for a wild ride down the rock slide. Most of all, you also get to enjoy the beauty of Rere Falls or take a break and picnic right next to it.



Last one of Extreme Sports Travel is Ziplining. Take a thrilling ride through the zipping lining in New Zealand. Home to a great amount of amazing zip lining experiences, the Kiwi Nation is the perfect place for you to have your zip lining ride across canyons, rivers, and a great view of the forest.


You can visit the Bob’s Peak in Queenstown, or the Kawarau Zipride just outside of Queenstown for a zip lining ride. You can experience the ride up to 6 people at a time, so it’s more fun sharing it with your travel companions.


When craving for an extreme sports travel holiday, you should go and book your ticket to New Zealand. It’s a haven for adrenaline junkies. To top it off, you’ll also get a spectacular view of the Kiwi nation’s nature.


What do you think of the rides we’ve listed? Do you have more exhilarating sports in New Zealand to suggest? Drop us a note down below for more adrenaline-packed activities recommendation.

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