travel nurse tax

What does a “tax home” mean in the travel nurse tax home?

Travel Nurse Tax

travel nurse tax

Do you know what “tax” is? Tax is an amount of money that is demanded by the government and collected from people’s profit and income, or the cost of goods and services you have bought. And then, what is a travel nurse? What is the difference between the common nurses with the travel nurses? A common nurse is a person whose job is to care for people who are ill or injured, particularly in a hospital.

You can find the common nurses in hospitals or general health centers. Furthermore, the travel nurse is a nurse who is employed to work in a particular location for a certain amount of time. Moreover, travel nurses usually work 13 week periods in one area. They will go around the area depending on where they are required.

Nursing is one of the great occupations in which you’ll precisely impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Your impact as a travel nurse will be even bigger since you will possibly be sent to regions that are in serious need of help. Furthermore, a travel nurse will be able to choose among numerous jobs in particular areas and finish it in different lengths of time.

It gives them freedom in choosing where and when they want to work. Their freedom to choose where and when is a benefit, which lets them take a day off when they want. Moreover, they will not be trapped in the same job day after day.


For beginner travel nurses, they should have a permanent travel nurse tax home. A tax home, in the travel nurse tax home, is the physical area in which you make the common of your salary. A tax home is not a permanent house in which you preserve legal ties, like in which your driver’s license, your personal effects, or your family members are found.

This is an essential difference as the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS is a government department which has a role to collect most national taxes in the United States) observes a permanent residence and a tax residence as definitely different matters. As a consequence, a tax home, in the case of travel nurse tax home, is merely an idea of reference to clarify from what area you have deductible travel expenses.

Travel nurses have to think about the opportunity of starting and continuing a travel nurse tax home to be qualified to get the tax-free stipends. The nursing job should not be in commuting distance of the permanent tax home.


If the travel nurses are doing the travel nursing assignment which is positioned within a commuting distance from their personal house, the travel profits will not be rewarded due not to having any travel costs. If you are becoming travel nurses away from your permanent residence, so it is suggested to keep a mileage record that traces your mileage to and from your new travel nursing assignments destination.

For instance, say, Emily Goddard, a travel nurse in New York. She has a husband and two children in San Diego. New York is Emily’s travel nurse tax home because Emily makes the majority of her income in New York. She spends her most time in New York, and she works in New York although she has a home and also family in San Diego.


When Emily Goddard has a short-term contract traveling nurse assignment in San Diego, then her transportation, board, and lodging expenses are deductible. She is away from his travel nurse tax home on business in San Diego and therefore she has reimbursable and deductible expenses.

Based on the Internal Revenue Service Publication, the travel nurse tax home for travel nurses who have no primary place of income is the home in which you frequently live. You have to satisfy these three following requirements to maintain your travel nurse tax home:

  1. You have to do travel nursing assignments in the area of your main home and operate that home for board and lodging while you’re doing travel nursing assignment in the area.
  2. You pay the living expenses at the main home that you duplicate since your travel nurse assignment demands you to be away from that home.
  3. You have not left the area where both your historical place of board and lodging and your claimed main home, or you have at least one family member living at your main home, or you regularly use that home for board and lodging.

You have to satisfy at least two of those requirements to have a chance at keeping a travel nurse tax home. You will be included as an itinerant worker, and your tax home is wherever you work. It means that you cannot deduct or reimburse your travel expenses. The other way to claim your travel nurse tax home is working at home. Working at home let you satisfy those requirements.

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