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Class 101: What to Expect from Your Travel List

 Travel List :

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Are you planning to travel sometime this week or this year? Have you prepared e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that you need? As cliché as this may sound to your ears but the key to smart traveling is (drumroll, please) to get organized! That’s pretty basic, right? Not to mention, traveling also can be tricky – especially when you are going solo. You don’t want to end up packing too many stuff that will cost you extra (and useless) baggage fee or even worse, forgetting important items. Whether or not you are the impulsive or well-planned type of person, you have to make sure that you bring the essentials while you are traveling.


The preparation of your travel list is all about being practical and efficient. Meaning, the pre-game show is hashtag crucial. In this internet era, you will find plenty of helpful hacks, tips, and tricks, apps to make your planning a piece of cake. We all know that the preparation can be a nightmare to some people, and, here, we gather a roundup of the most useful strategies for you before traveling. So, stop procrastinating and tick off one of these travel lists once you complete it!


  1. Pick your travel destination(s)

It is extremely important to have, at least, one place in mind. Do you need traveling inspirations for your much-needed vacation? Nowadays, East Asian countries, like Japan and South Korea, and European countries are very popular among travelers. However, if you are more impulsive and less conservative person, try spinning a globe and throwing a dart to make it more spontaneous and fun.


  1. Fund planning

When you are not exactly coming from a wealthy family, money could be an issue when it comes to traveling. Ergo, travel budgeting is one of the most important parts on your travel list. You have to make sure that you break down everything (housing expenses, food expenses, electronics, new clothes, etc.) in details. This way, you can see a better view whether or not you need to cut some spending or have the luxury to splurge for good meals or local souvenirs later. If you have a very limited budget, it is best suggested to wait and save a little bit more for your dream vacation.


This step will come in handy when you are doing it right. Do some research and estimation to know where you are currently at financially and your future budget plan. Next, you can allocate some money in a travel fund – every month from your income. You don’t have to be a rich person to travel. All you need is to know your savings priority and goals.


Of course, in the end, it all depends on one’s self-discipline to achieve the targeted result.



  1. Plan your itinerary

You may want to ask yourself questions like: “what are you going to do?” and “what are the places you have meant to visit?” Believe it or not, these simple questions help you a lot to make your trips effective and efficient.  Itinerary is made to be your travel guide, so you know exactly what to see, where/what to eat, where to stay, where to shop, and so on.


When you are planning your itinerary, it is best if you keep it flexible, because you will never know what’s coming to you, right? Make the list of places you want to visit in a priority order, for, let’s say, a week long. You also want to do some research on local holidays or events that will directly affect your travel plan. Another piece of advice: you don’t want to squeeze everything in one day. Why? Because it will only tire you out. Also, give yourself a break to rest for a day. It’s traveling, not a marathon.


Most importantly, the internet offers various advanced tools to help you planning your itinerary now. Instead of doing it traditionally on paper, many useful apps and websites are available to help you organizing your trip with their extra perks.


  1. Prepare your travel documents

This includes passport, flight tickets, and visas. Make sure that you check the expiration date on your passport. You don’t want to wait and postpone it for another day until it reaches the time limit. Also, if you are planning on-budget trips, be on the lookout for cheap flights and promo deals.


  1. Plan your outfits

Lay your clothes out and plan your outfits ahead of time. Check the weather of the countries you want to visit so you can combine and re-wear an item or two. It’s best to travel light to avoid over packing. You may also want to Google for packing tips and tricks that you should know beforehand. Many travel experts agree that the roll-don’t-fold technique saves more space and wrinkle-free!


  1. Pack the necessities

Pack your electronics (including chargers, USB cables, plugs, earphones, batteries) and toiletries in its respective bag, like Ziplocs. Don’t stuff your suitcases with the unnecessary because you want to keep it neat inside. You can also maximize the nooks and cranny of your suitcase, so everything fits in place. It is best to bring a carry-on bag to make sure your phone, wallets, travel documents, boarding pass, and camera are within reach.


Do you have your tips and tricks to prepare your travel list? Share and comment here because we love to hear how you do it as well!

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