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Going on a vacation with an unlimited budget might not be within your reach, and you may just have a little saving to buy souvenirs for your friends and families back home. At the same time, you also wish to be able to give them souvenirs at great quality. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them with lackluster gifts from your holiday, and yet, you also want to reduce your spending during your trip.


All travel shop that you encounter in your vacation has a different range of prices and quality of souvenirs. Sometimes, you can even find shops that have the same merchandise, but at a very different price. Here are few tips and tricks that would be nifty for you on your holiday shopping:


Go and visit the local market

Sometimes, the best local goods at the most affordable price are offered in traditional markets. This is especially true when you go and visit Asian countries in particular, where their prices are much lower than department stores. Most of all, the goods are usually handcrafted and authentic to the local culture. To top it off, you can also haggle down the price.


You can always do a prior research online on best local markets to visit, or ask your hotel concierge for recommendations. You can also try to find a good guidebook which offers information on local markets.


Bargain finds are often found in the local market, and you also get to experience firsthand the local culture at its finest. It’s certainly worth a trip to!


Bargain down the price

When visiting local shopping centers, you can bargain down the price. This is especially true if the centers you visit do not have a fixed price. You definitely should bargain for a lower price whenever possible. You won’t know until you try, but the price can go down significantly cheaper if you’re good at haggling. Most of all, sometimes the sellers would also increase their price if they know that you’re a tourist, so it’s best always to try and ask for a lower price.


Find great discounts

Great sales in most countries all over the world are usually held in the middle and at the end of the year. These are times to get great discounts that would reduce the cost of goods significantly. Visiting other countries around this time would land you in a shopping paradise where everything is discounted. You can buy more souvenirs in a larger quantity for your families and friends back home. Best of all, you might also have spare cash to buy several things for your own!


Great deals save your day (and pocket)

Not only discounts, but you can also find lots of great deals on your holiday. Usually, when you’re buying only one souvenir, it would land you at a higher price. Thus, buying in bulks would result in a much lower price per item. This is a great way to save money. You can try and ask the seller for a lower price when buying in larger quantity. Most of the times, they will always lower down the price. You need to take note that this only applies to sellers at marketplaces that are more receptive towards haggling and bargaining down the price. Places such as shopping malls do not accept bargaining.


VAT/GST Refund

Many vacation destinations in the world offer VAT/GST refund to tourists. You can take this as an advantage at the shops with signs posted that its goods are available for VAT/GST refund. A 15% of tax can reduce the price significantly. Usually, VAT/GST refund is offered for electronics or other expensive goods. As a result, you could get cheaper electronics or gadgets than other places in the world.


Bring small changes

Don’t forget to bring small bills on your shopping trip, because most of the time the local market vendors do not have changes in small bills. Finding changes would be troublesome when you’ve already haggled down the price.


You don’t have to worry about sparing a large chunk of your travel budget at souvenirs for your families and friends back home if you plan ahead. Most of all, be sure to find great deals in the local markets of your holiday destination. Travel shop in the touristy area is usually more expensive than vendors in local markets.


What do you think about Travel shop tips and tricks above? Do you have a few tips and tricks of your own when you go shopping abroad? Be sure to drop us a word down below if you have more suggestions involving travel shops on a budget. You can also give recommendations on places to go for affordable shopping places around the world. It will certainly be useful for other fellow travelers on a budget.

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